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A Boutique Executive Coaching & Leadership Advisory Firm

The destination for leaders who seek greater challenges, continuous improvement, and sustainable success.

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We integrate seamlessly into your operations

You don't plug into Viking Principle's development processes, we plug into yours.

1-on-1 Coaching

In the real world, leaders don’t become their best by emulating a model described in a book or chatting with a coach picked from an app. 

Team Coaching

A highly coordinated approach to developing the leadership capabilities of a group that is tasked with a specific organizational objective or change.

Group Training

What distinguishes the best companies in the world is not the quality of their top executives but rather the consistency of developing high-performing leaders throughout the organization.

Viking Principle

Providing Specialist Support to You & Your Organization

Imagine a world where people are inspired to live fiercely — with integrity and ownership.

At Viking Principle, our work stems from a deep passion of service to people, elite performance, and premium results. We partner with our clients to dominate at the top 1% level. We're tenaciously driven to help leaders achieve desired results as they navigate through high-stress environments while simultaneously developing the required skills to maintain the highest level of performance.

Most of all, we help our clients realize their dreams and aspirations through trust, custom-tailored engagements, access to unique tools, and competency-building insights. We help our clients unlock the potential to achieve more.

We are a Texas advisory firm based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that specializes in executive coaching, leadership and team development. Our mission is to make a daily impact in people's lives at all organizational levels by working with those who are tasked with the fast-paced, complex job of leading dynamic teams.

Our vision is not just to do something better, but to help you reach things most never thought possible; to restlessly lead in this new era of leadership development and solve some of the most challenging problems. With our unique experience, expertise, and methodology, we are building solutions to real-world problems. 

You know that being the kind of leader who inspires people to do great things is your most significant competitive advantage. THE BEST LEADERS DON'T DO IT ALONE…

Our Services


Executive Coaching, On-Boarding, High-Impact Coaching

Coaching pushes key decision-makers to grow both professionally and personally; in addition, coaching breaks down the barriers of their comfort zones and develops the skills required to take them to the next level of leadership. We create a clear and transparent framework of accountability between the coach, leadership, and the organization. Throughout this process, the client has regular and consistent interaction with their coach, who provides feedback, assistance, and coaching to ensure the client acquires and implements their new mindset and skills. Distinct results and measurements of progress are established, communicated, and tracked.


Team Coaching, Rapid Team Alignment

Organizations partner with us to harness the untapped power of their teams because they recognize that people engaged in a common purpose will outperform others. In this program, leaders will learn how to create a following, increase employee engagement, understand individual personalities, and leverage talents and strengths to motivate others. We have the experience and expertise to enhance team effectiveness through our interactive programs customized for your organization’s needs.

Group Training

The Coaching Accelerator, Team Training

Our leadership training programs will provide participants with strategies to handle the immense challenges associated with moving into new and increasingly more complex leadership roles. We provide participants with:

  • a conceptual sense of leadership,

  • essential insights into themselves as leaders, and

  • practical ideas about how to lead change.​

With an emphasis on self-understanding and learning, our leadership training is designed to give participants a practical understanding of leadership, enabling them to better understand their own approach to leadership and acquire new ideas to optimize and sustain their potential. 

Strategic Planning

Meeting of the Minds, Strategy Planning, Meeting Facilitation

We make strategic planning and strategy implementation easy. Our commitment is to help organizations put in place a process that results in the plan they need and will want to use without wasting valuable time along the way. In brief, your strategic planning process should energize, not add stress.


Executive Summary Development Report, Leadership Effectiveness 360, EIQ-2, DISC, Motivators, Hartman Value Profile, Learning Styles, and Sales Plus IQ

Business strategy is only possible if you have the organizational talent to deliver today and into the future. Our assessments uncover the talent organizations already have to help them understand their people’s strengths and what keeps them motivated. They give leaders an objective, actionable picture of the talent they need, the talent they have, and how to close the gap. We help you find it with our proprietary survey tools developed by experts in psychological assessments. 


Expand your knowledge toolkit by reading from the most prominent experts

“Leadership is about creating future; possessing the confidence, courage, and responsibility to take us places we haven't gone before.”

Gregory Buchheit

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