Through belief and passion, Viking Principle was created to help others find their own unique creativity and obtain the results-based confidence needed to become a high-performer capable of maximum achievement. 

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work”

—Steve Jobs


Mr. Buchheit is the founding President of Viking Principle, Chairman and CEO of the Executive Leadership Council, and a Member of the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate. Greg has over 15 years of high-performing leadership experience. During his tenure in the Navy, Greg earned his way through three of the military's most elite selection processes and served five years onboard SEAL Team 6, an organization composed of the world’s most elite and exceptional leaders. After leaving the military in 2012, Greg returned to business and quickly realized that the leadership principles he learned in Naval Special Operations could transform organizations of any kind. His desire to create excellent leaders, teams and organizations inspired him to shift the focus of Viking Principle into the area of leadership and organizational development. In the years since, Greg has helped organizations of all sizes, including local governments and Fortune 500 companies increase performance, create dynamic cultures and sustainable futures. 

"My goal is to simplify complexity."

You want to learn about the path he took that led him to be a member of the Nations Elite Fighting Force, SEAL Team 6, and of the value in the lessons he learned along the way. 


You want to learn about his transition into the private sector. You want to see what he saw. You want to learn about how he adapted to the very different environment - corporate America.

You want your organization to see and understand a clear, well-defined vision. You want to better understand the right balance between passion and purpose, in both, business and life.


You want to build a powerful organization of motivated team players. You want your brand to be - the brand.


You want to create a strong, positive company culture of trust and transparency that will make your leaders and employees happier, more confident, and engaged; one that naturally leads your organization to cost savings and increased profits.

You want to deliver a superior customer experience that creates a long-term, loyal following.

You want to relieve the stress and pressure that many leaders are feeling within today's complex business environment. You want to feel a sense of fulfillment within your home-life and hard work.


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