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Group Training


Strategic Planning

Executive Coaching, On-Boarding, High-Impact Coaching

Coaching pushes key decision-makers to grow both professionally and personally; in addition, coaching breaks down the barriers of their comfort zones and develops the skills required to take them to the next level of leadership. We create a clear and transparent framework of accountability between the coach, leadership, and the organization. Throughout this process, the client has regular and consistent interaction with their coach, who provides feedback, assistance, and coaching to ensure the client acquires and implements their new mindset and skills. Distinct results and measurements of progress are established, communicated, and tracked.

Team Coaching, Rapid Team Alignment

Organizations partner with us to harness the untapped power of their teams because they recognize that people engaged in a common purpose will outperform others. In this program, leaders will learn how to create a following, increase employee engagement, understand individual personalities, and leverage talents and strengths to motivate others. We have the experience and expertise to enhance team effectiveness through our interactive programs customized for your organization’s needs.

The Coaching Accelerator, Team Training

Our leadership training programs will provide participants with strategies to handle the immense challenges associated with moving into new and increasingly more complex leadership roles. We provide participants with:

  • a conceptual sense of leadership,

  • essential insights into themselves as leaders, and

  • practical ideas about how to lead change.​

With an emphasis on self-understanding and learning, our leadership training is designed to give participants a practical understanding of leadership, enabling them to better understand their own approach to leadership and acquire new ideas to optimize and sustain their potential. 

Executive Summary Development Report, Leadership Effectiveness 360, EIQ-2, DISC, Motivators, Hartman Value Profile, Learning Styles, and Sales Plus IQ

Business strategy is only possible if you have the organizational talent to deliver today and into the future. Our assessments uncover the talent organizations already have to help them understand their people’s strengths and what keeps them motivated. They give leaders an objective, actionable picture of the talent they need, the talent they have, and how to close the gap. We help you find it with our proprietary survey tools developed by experts in psychological assessments. 

Meeting of the Minds, Strategy Planning, Meeting Facilitation

We make strategic planning and strategy implementation easy. Our commitment is to help organizations put in place a process that results in the plan they need and will want to use without wasting valuable time along the way. In brief, your strategic planning process should energize, not add stress.

Let's Work Together

Proven successful on the most intense battlefields and throughout a variety of industries, our leadership methodology comes from a unique blend of Special Operations training, private sector experience, and extensive research.
With an unmatched approach, we leverage our military and business experience to guide leaders with real challenges to lasting solutions by equipping them with the tools they need to fulfill the great responsibility of reshaping an organization in today’s fast-paced, complex world.

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