One of the most disruptive workplace issues is excessively negative employees.


Here is an exercise that can help alleviate this issue:

Ask participants to give examples of the damaging effects of negativity in the workplace.  


Ask your team to discuss the dozen negative “types” listed below. Then have participants brainstorm ways that leaders can handle each type..  


The goal is to end up with a list of helpful leadership strategies for dealing with negativity.

Negativity Types

1.  The Resisters - They rail against anything different

2.  The Wobbly - They are constantly shifting moods and expect others to adjust to them

3.  The Gossipers - They spread rumors and tell inappropriate personal tidbits 

4.  The Blamers - They always blame others

5.  The Victims - They believe people are out to get them

6.  The Adhesives - They can’t let go, even things that happened years ago

7.  The Pessimists - They always expect the worst case scenario

8.  The Boilers - They will blow over the slightest provocation

9.  The Complainers - They feel everything is wrong or will soon go wrong

10.  The Choosers - They are constantly pitting one group against another

11.  The Detached - They think most everything is dumb or beneath them

12.  The Self-Absorbed - They are continually grabbing credit or seeking attention

If you have the time, participants can develop their own list of negative types.


Then ask participants their thoughts on the best strategies to handle problematic employees.


You might even ask participants to give actual examples where they have used some of the strategies the group has identified.

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